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Diving ballast 1KG, high quality with 2,5mm outer elastic reinforcement protection.
Rubberization extends good visibility and ballast condition. At the same time it prevents and protects the user from unhealthy contact with bare hands as well as preventing the transfer of lead nits to the diver's equipment.
It is mounted on all types of belt with a thickness of 2.5  up 5.0 mm, where due to its direction, the ballast stabilizes and does not leak over the belt.
The balloon formation externally has curves to not only disturb the diver's movements but also to prevent dangerous yarn scaffolding. It also digests the belt in its body, protecting it from injuries and tears.
All of the above make the ballast suitable and ideal for all types of diving.
The ballast on the front carries the company's stamp separating it from similar ones in the market.
It is produced in various color combinations.