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Safety & Pervention

14 Apr 2020

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Spearguns are only used for underwater fishing.

Never turn the speargun to people even if not loaded.

Do not load speargun and never use it out of the water.

Do not hang a loaded speargun on the float.

Do not come out of the water with loaded gun.

Never dive alone.

Use of spearguns is forbidden for people under 18 years old.

When going for fishing be always equipped with the specific floating balloon which shows your position and activity.

 For safe carrying out of sea and on the balloon in the sea ,the point of the spear must always be covered and the rubbers must never be loaded on the spear.

During fishing protect your hands with a pair of proper gloves.

Before you exercise underwater fishing, be informed by the local port authorities for what is legal in the territory.


Compatibility and safety of point of engagement of the spear

The compatibility of a spear with the trigger mechanism of the handle of a spear gun depends on the maximum and minimum  height of the edge, the length, the tolerance and generally the geometry of the spear tail.

There is need for seriousness and attention because a non suitable spear, not compatible to the trigger mechanism does not guarantee the safe holding by the mechanism. So it can be released and fired suddenly without pressing the trigger, with unpredictable consequences, putting in danger human lives.

Be sure when engaging the spear that the cock of the mechanism has come on the trigger base and there is minimum tolerance on the spear after the engaging. Small margin engagement with no vacuum are considered not safe and dangerous.

On regular intervals it is absolutely necessary to inspect the engaging tail and the spear dents for any disformations and cracks that may be caused by pressing, material aging, hits, and the use of extractor. The use of spear of this kind is very dangerous and must be avoided.

We hold no responsibility whatsoever. Avoid abstracting the factory tail of the spear and to make a new one in the remaining part of the spear. In this case also we hold no responsibility for good and safe operation of the mechanism.

Any interference in the mechanism by manipulation or use other than the intended shall be deemed insecure, highly dangerous, should be avoided and by no means will we be responsible.

Protect the handle and the mechanism from sand and pebbles which may cause dangerous clogging and malfunction.

Avoid removing the factory engaging edge of the spear in order to create a new one in the remaining portion. In this case we have no liability whatsoever for the proper and safe operation.

The geometry and the shape of the recess formed in the tip of the spear, may change slightly depending on the pressure that must be applied to the trigger (sensitivity) for the release of the spear in the shot.

Protect the handle and mechanism from sand and stones which can cause malfunction and dangerous malfunctions.

The safe containment of the mechanism in the body of the handle is made mainly with axels provided with the device. The screws provided also help in easier installation and load distribution in more places, but do NOT replace the axels. The retention only with screws is not recommended.


Instructions for maintenance of mechanical parts of a speargun.

A prerequisite for the long-term correct and safe operation as well as the guarantee of the mechanical parts of the speargun as in mechanisms and reels, is the correct rinsing for the removal of salt water, immediately after the fishing, which is done with the complete immersion of the mechanical parts for 15 minutes in clean water.

The use of anti-corrosion lubricant type WB40 is also recommended at regular intervals.

Trigger Sensitivity

Trigger sensitivity is defined by the pressure (degree of difficulty) in kilograms or other measure, to be exercised by the finger on the trigger to release the rod. Sensitivity is not defined movement (path length) of the trigger.

The sensitivity of the trigger in conjunction with an appropriate position and angle of the index finger has a maximum contribution to the accuracy of the shot. It also helps in point aiming shots and instinctive direct quick shots without delay.