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"The result is a wide range of products for free diving and for spear fishing which results after exhausting virtual situations as well as lab testing which cover and satisfy the needs of a simple diver to the most demanding hunter"
The company specialises in the study, improvement, construction of specialised products for spear fishing and for free diving. Inspirer and founder of these products is Peter Koutsogiorgos, with 25 years of knoweldge and experience in the field of construction of deep sea fishing. Constant research on new advanced prototype ideas as well as search and study in cooperation with technology and techknowledge have as a result the existence of newfound, useful and especially reliable products without allowances to demands of general cost and construction.

Production of the advanced design the reel MITOS which is a prototype of study and admiration was introduced on the market. Simultaneously, a first for the worldwide market, we give the possibility even to the most demanding spear fisherman to be able to replace easily, quickly and simply the factory manufactured mechanism from spear fishing companies with a thermoplastic handle type DEMKA, PATHOS, CRESSI, PICASSO, with a reverse trigger mechanism which is designed for a longer period of shooting and ballistic performance which thrusts in order to center the rod when it enters the nest of the mechanism and which at the same time literally solves the problem of good and useful operation of the horizontal line release which is in front of the trigger and side of the handle.

Also, prevalent, operational problems such as sensitivity, durability, user friendly, shooting image, longevity don’t affect deep sea fishing anymore. Since then, the products MEANDROS is the choice of demanding hunters, athletes and professional athletes of spear fishing. Either it’s a MEANDROS or it’s an bad imitation…..